Saturday, April 14, 2007

Desmobile and the Captain Gale Tie In

Many of you might like to know who, what, how or why The Adventures of Captain Gale are posted (4 years later) on the Desmobile Blog. Well Captain Gale is an old buddy of mine to decided to retire early and buy a sailboat and travel to the Bahamas and Caribbean. Both of us are Sun, Surf, Sand, Boat Drink and Jimmy Buffett fans. He sent back e-mails of his travels week in and out over the 6+ months he was there. I kept every post and told him that when he got back he should add pictures and write a book using his posts - maybe a TV pilot or even better a screenplay. Anyway Captain Gale is back and working in the Telecom industry back East. I'm out West and I re-post his old e-mails cause the writing is funny (especially if you know Captain Gale) and I hope to inspire others to stop running the Rat Race they're in, throw caution to the wind and do something fun before you miss the chance to do it. Not everyone can sail - maybe you want to drive across country, backpack through Europe or even run The Amazing Race...just go for it before your life is over!

Here's the e-mail Captain Gale sent back to me the first time I came up with the idea!!!

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 8:31 AM
Subject: Screenplay

Hello my brutha - I like your idea, geting rich and famous for slacking in the Bahamas for six months! If this works out, perhaps next year's movie will be Baja, California!

Actually Herman Wouk and Jimmy Buffet got together a few years ago to make a musical out of Wouk's book "Don't Stop the Carnival." I guess it did well off-broadway. A good book - about a New Yorker who's fed up with NY so he buys a hotel in the Caribbean. VERY funny!

Well, I'm just hanging out here in the Abacos for a few more days. There's a storm coming Thursday which has the ocean all kicked up for the rest of the week. I hope to head south at the end of the week.

Keep bothering Robert and Dan for me -


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The Adventures of Captain Gale: Abaco Sailing Tours

From: []
Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2003 3:15 PM
Subject: [celebration_news] Abaco Sailing Tours

Hello all! The last two weeks I have continued as tour guide to the Abacos. Last week my friend Robin came down to escape the late-winter blues in downeast Maine, and this past week my friend Josh escaped the frozen city of Burlington, Vermont. Robin had a perfect week of sun and temps in the 80s, whereas Josh brought a little New England with him, 25 to 35 knot winds and cold temperatures for the first three days of his trip, though the weather has now returned to it's norm - perfect.

Josh also came down to celebrate his 30th birthday. The local reefs played along, and at the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park we were able to watch SIXTEEN Spotted Eagle Rays swim circles in perfect synchroization. Spotted Eagle Rays are by far my favorite of the reef dwellers, and to see a troop of sixteen of these beauties, well, it just doesn't get any better.

Aside from snorkling daily, I hit the usual Abaco attractions with my guests. Pete's Pub, a great beach shanty in a small cove in the southern Abacos, yet the owner (Pete) is also a renowned artist. We had the good fortune to visit the pub/gallery/foundry on a day that they were making bronze castings via a 3000 year-old method. It was incredible to watch them pull a vat of molten bronze out of the blast furnace with a chainfall, then pour the liquid into the molds.

We also visited Hopetown and their lighthouse, one of three remaining hand-cranked, kerosene-fired lighthouses. It's neat to climb the staicase and check out all the machinery (not to mention the 1200 pounds of mercury that the light rests on!), and the view from the top is of course breathtaking.

And of course no tour of the Abacos would be complete without a visit to Nipper's Bar (or Nippa's if you're from the northeast). Nippa's is an incredible place - it's on the highest point on Great Guana Cay, so the view is fantastic. They've got two pools, good burgers with great fries, a perfect white sound beach as far as the eyes can see, and the third largest continuous reef in the Northern Hemisphere. (Kinda reminds you of taking college tours, doesn't it? Everyone had some obscure item that they were incredibly proud of - the oldest ornithology library, the largest eight-sided building in the Western Hemisphere. I believe Bucknell has the largest unsupported spiral staircase east of the Mississippi. 'Ray Bucknell...)

Oh yeah, Nippa's is also a bar, with a lovely little drink called the, uh, Nippa. In a word - yum. Makes you want to ignore that reef. Get nipped at Nippa's.

With Robin and Josh gone I now head back to Nassau to pick up my friend John for a few days, and then I'll continue south, first back down the Exuma chain to Georgetown, then east to do a circuit of a few of the outer islands.

Thanks again to all who continue to write, it's a big lift on a potentially lonely day. But please, please, PLEASE remember not to send me back my original email to me. It costs $3-5 to send each of these rambling updates, and when 10 people send it back to me - well, the budget really takes a hit.

I hear the Canadian-US border is geting knocked around with a bit of spring snow - 10" in Toronto? I'll try to send some warmth home with Josh!


Forecast for Saturday through Wednesday:
Sun, highs in the mid 80s, lows in the mid 70s, humidity in the 70s-80s, winds southeast 10-15.

Of course this is coming straight from Barometer Bob, so we need to take this with a MOUNTAIN of salt...

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The map!

On to Roozengaarde

Taylor Shelfish Farms

Time for crabbies!


Crab melt!

More Tulip Town


On the Tulip Tractor!

Bumping along

Tulip Town


LaConner WA