Thursday, October 05, 2006

Great Mobile Handsets

From L-R: T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl, Cingular SonyEricsson W810, T-Mobile Nokia 6133, T-Mobile Samsung T-629

This is a great time to be a person looking for a new mobile phone! There are so many really cool mobile devices out there - This post will focus more on the GSM side of the house (T-Mobile and Cingular) but even Verizon and Sprint have some cool stuff (Chocolate or Katana anyone???).

I used to be a fan of the "Smartphone". In easy terms, a "Smartphone" is a phone that usually has all of your regular services and adds in camera capabilities, e-mail, music player, extra storage, advanced sync capabilities to your Outlook, etc. Some examples include Nokia Series 60 phones like the 6600, 6670, 7610 and 6682, Palm Treo 650, T-Mobile SDA, etc. I also define a "Smartphone" as being any device I can use relatively well with one hand, so most Pocket PCs and the like get left out. Anyway, I used to be a fan (and still am!!!) but my service provider doesn't offer a lot of 'Smartphone" options these days but I am starting to wonder if there is as big a need as before.

Back to case in point - The 4 phones pictured above are some of the coolest devices available for purchase today and I'll tell you why- Each device come with at least a 1.3 Megapixel Camera (the SonyEricsson has a 2MP with Autofocus - nearly a DSC replacement!). Each device comes with support for Bluetooth and hey all offer some sort of "Music Player" experience (again SonyEricsson has a freakin Walkman for crying out loud!). They all offer the ability to sync with Outlook and keep your Calendar, and Contacts up-to-date and they all have external-removable memory to really grow and expand to support music, videos and other multimedia files.

Add to all these features that each device is very small and likely to be "thin" compared to many of today's devices and you have phones that look cool, perform at a high level and help reduce the need to take multiple devices along with you!

Just imagine you're going on a business trip and you need your e-mail, want to be able to IM the wife and kids, have some tunes to listen to on the plane and check information on the web about flight updates...T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl can do all of that at the same time! Maybe you don't need e-mail but want some killer tunes and a great camera since it's your first trip to San Diego...SonyEricsson W810 "Wallkman" phone has you covered.

Maybe you don't need e-mail at all and you just want a "cool" looking flip or slider that can play some tunes, keep you covered for voice calls and IM your friends...then the Samsung T629 or Nokia 6133 is right up your alley.

The best part of all, all of these devices can be found for about $200 - Not bad for everything that you can do with them!

Monday, October 02, 2006

T-Mobile Launches MyFaves and "Stick Together"

I am a bit of a fanboy, it's true. This has been in the works for quite sometime and now we are allowed to talk about it!

Today T-Mobile starts what I think is an historic journey to change the way people connect with the people who matter most to them. T-Mobile has launched MyFaves. Research states that you call 5 people approximately 70% of the time. These are your favorite people. But My Faves is not just a rate plan (like Alltel's MyCircle) but a new way to connect to those people. The My Faves interface puts those 5 poeple "on top" of your device, making communication to those people your top priority.
Along with MyFaves comes a new tag line "Stick Together". I think this helps people understand what T-Mobile is trying to do - help people stay connected to the ones that matter most to them.

It will be exciting to see if this kind of change in how we connect to people will be the begining of many companies here in the US looking to create a new user interaction...stay tuned!